Annual Membership Plans

Applicants are expected to have two (2) Active DGS Members sponsor their application.

Are you new to town and don’t know any DGS members?  Please submit your application and we will confirm your application status with you after it has been reviewed.

Applications submitted with two (2) sponsors will be reviewed by the Membership Committee Chair.

Applications submitted without sponsors will be held for review by the full Board of Directors at the monthly meeting. This process could take 30+ days, depending on when application is submitted.

Note: Submission of an application and initial dues payment is not a guarantee of approval.

Professional Membership

  • Person of integrity.

  • Involved professionally in the Earth Sciences.

  • Interest in furthering the mission of the Dallas Geological Society

  • S. or M.S. Degree in an Earth Sciences discipline. (e.g. Geology, Geophysics)

Associate Membership

  • Membership level designed for applicants without an Earth Science degree

  • Person of integrity.

  • Interested in furthering the mission of the Dallas Geological Society.

Student Membership

  • Person of integrity.

  • Pursuing a degree in the Earth Sciences. (e.g. Geology, Geophysics)

  • In good academic standing.

  • Interested in furthering the mission of the Dallas Geological Society.

Honorary Lifetime Membership

  • Any Professional Member who has brought distinction to the profession through public-spirited activity or scientific achievements may be granted Honorary Lifetime Membership.

  • Potential Honorary Lifetime Members are nominated by the Awards Committee.

  • Approval is determined through a majority vote by the DGS Board of Directors.

  • An Honorary Lifetime Member approved by the Board is thereafter exempt from payment of yearly dues while remaining eligible to vote and hold office.

Green Agate

Dues Payment Options and Renewal Schedule

Dues are to be renewed one year from the date last paid.

A "grace period" of 90 days is allowed to prevent any interruption in the ability to register for events.

A notice will be sent the day of expiration, as well as 1 week, 30, 60, and 90 days after expiration.

If your membership lapses entirely, reactivation may require the approval of the Membership Chair.

Payment Options

  • Pay by Credit Card via the DGS website.

  • Pay with a cash or check in person at the annual Membership Drive event.

  • Pay with a check by mail to:

    • Dallas Geological Society
      4925 Greenville Avenue, Suite #200
      Dallas, TX 75206