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Proposed Revisions to Bylaws

DGS Membership,

The BOD has been reflecting on how we can most effectively serve our membership. Our decreased membership involvement and event attendance has put a strain on DGS finances and, subsequently, event coordination. This has been seen in professional societies across the board and societies have been attempting to find creative solutions to solve these challenging problems.

One such solution that we propose, is to make our Membership Chairperson a voting member of the BOD. In order to do this, we must propose amendments to the DGS’s bylaws.

Current Bylaws

Proposed Bylaws Edits

The primary amendment proposes to replace the International Chairperson with the Membership Chairperson. Attendance for the international dinners has been on a steady decline & costs have been increasing over the last few years. Replacing the International Chair does not mean that we will stop trying to bring in international topics, but is the board’s opinion that eliminating the international dinners will help us remain fiscally responsible and allow us to focus on providing a slate of high quality talks for luncheons. This amendment would make the Membership Chair one of the 9 voting BOD members.

In addition to the BOD position updated, we have also taken the time to propose updates to several other (outdated) points in the bylaws. These are primarily related to advancements in electronic balloting, dues timing/collection and clarifications.

As per the bylaws (see below); We are soliciting members feedback, prior to a vote at our next meeting of the members. If you wish to submit feedback you can respond directly to this email, prior to 5/10/2022.



13.01. These bylaws may be amended by a vote of three-fourths of the voting members present at any regular meeting, provided that due notice of the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing, by postal or electronic mail, to the eligible members of the DGS at least two weeks in advance of the date on which the ballot is taken, and provided a quorum is present at the said meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


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