Int'l Dinner & Meeting - Opening the Deepwater Mauritania / Senegal Basin

Kosmos Energy differentiates its exploration strategy by pursuing organic growth through opening and
expanding new Cretaceous plays and petroleum systems in frontier/emerging basins along the Atlantic
Margins. This organic growth strategy is the primary driver that led to the successful opening of new
offshore basins both in Ghana and in Mauritania/Senegal.

The energy industry has a long history of exploring in the Mauritania/Senegal Basin with over 200 wells
drilled to date. Despite the technical success of these wells, failure to find economic hydrocarbons
created a misperception of a higher risk, lower potential basin. Kosmos took a contrarian viewpoint and
interpreted a world class petroleum system whereupon it entered the basin first in Mauritania in 2012,
and then expanded into Senegal in 2014.

Kosmos completed the discovery well, Tortue – 1, in 2015. This well proved the presence of three working
source rocks in the basin: the previously known Cenomanian/Turonian, the Upper Albian, and a deeper
source interpreted to be Neocomian. Reservoirs encountered in Tortue – 1 show a massive, high-quality
sand supply reached the lower slope – seismic data confirm this fairway extends over ~200km along this
trend. The trap at Tortue – 1, now known as the Ahmeyim Field, is stratigraphic/structural – most of the
hydrocarbons are stratigraphically trapped. The follow-on discoveries at Marsouin, Teranga, and Yakaar
have proven a Pmean resource of 40 TCF. Calibrated AVO along this trend gives an expected gas
resource of greater than 50 TCF.

Kosmos partnered with BP in December 2016 to develop and continue exploring this basin. The second
phase exploration program focuses on exploring the giant untested basin floor fans present down dip
from the current discoveries. These prospects will test thick, extensive Lower Cenomanian & Albian
reservoirs in both the Neocomian, and Cenomanian/Turonian & Upper Albian source kitchens.

Location: Brookhaven Country Club
3333 Golfing Green Drive
Farmers Branch , TX 75234

Date: Sept. 20, 2017, 5:30 p.m. - Sept. 20, 2017, 8:30 p.m.