Dallas Geological Luncheon: A Value Model Based from Public Data over the Permian Basin

Tues, April, 2017 11:30am-1:00pm

The oil and gas industry is optimistic about 2017. In order to fully prepare for potential acquisitions a good basis of comparison is nice to have in your back pocket. The Permian Oil Play has a wealth of public data for Midland and Delaware Basin to build a value model to compare against potential deals within the basins and for comparison against other basins. The data also covers an important time period in the development of shale oil that can be used as a teaching tool.

In this talk we will answer technical questions such as: 

  • “How much does lithology matter when you drill your horizontal in the Permian Basin?”
  • “Is there enough data in the Permian to build a multi-mineral petrophysical model without core data?”
  • “What data is available for free?”
  • “What would I need to purchase to infill and map the whole basin?”

For example, in the University of Texas Lands database:

  • 29 gigs of LAS Files
  • 10,000+ LAS (1,900 with triple combo)
  • 4,200+ wells
  • Not including the thousands of rasters

This talk will cover:

  • Using the available public data to build a multi-mineral petrophysics model without core data for porosity, saturation and identify flow units
  • Determine which intervals of the different formations were targeted using directional surveys and gamma ray logs in order to group like wells for production analysis
  • Analyze production, petrophysics, geomechanics and stratigraphy to optimize target zone selection


Location: Brookhaven College Geotechnology Institute
3939 Valley View Lane
Farmers Branch , Texas 75244

Date: April 11, 2017, midnight - April 11, 2017, 11:59 p.m.