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Danny Senkow

Oil & Gas Exploration Geologist

Cell: 972-429-1484





Seeking a exploration geologist position in the Dallas area. Over fifteen years as an exploration geologist / specialist / technician in the area of computer mapping as it pertains to the locating of drilling sites. The gathering of geological data from various sources, correlation of well logs, picking horizon tops and generation of well log cross sections. Experienced in the generation of professional PowerPoints which includes maps and cross sections generated that aids in the promotion of the prospect. Seeking new opportunity and immediately available for full time, contract or part time projects in North Texas.  Awarded BS/Geology degree from UT Dallas. Have current CDL Class B Driver’s License.




Petra, Geographix, Kingdom / SMT, Canvas, GeoMap, DrillingInfo, NeuraLog, PowerPoint, Geologic Mapping and MS Office / Word / PowerPoint



                        University of Texas at Dallas

BS, Bachelor of Science Degree in Geoscience (Geology)  

Collin County Community College

Additional year studying Applied Computer Graphics           

Richland College, Dallas

AAS, Associate of Arts & Sciences Degree                    





10/16 to Present

Working as an independent contractor consulting geologist. Companies included: Refugio County, Texas for Pipeline Resources, Van Alstyne, Texas and in Dickens County for Halliburton Operating, Dallas, Texas.


Contract GIS Specialist  5/2/16 to 10/1/16. Dallas, Tx. Worked full time for Atmos Energy using their in-house GIS software Small World to check various gas pipeline maps for correct connections for use in latter computer modeling. Worked for Land group, updating land maps with street segments, edge of pavements, buildings, ROWs, center lines. Used Goggle Map to located boundaries.



11/17/14 to 2/3/2015

Worked as an independent contractor.

Title: Geologist

  • Map all current prospects in Leon and Madison Counties Texas using Canvas software. Well log correlations, horizon picks. Used production data from DrillingInfo.



8/12/13 to 7/2014  

Worked as an independent contractor.

Title: Geologist / Owner

  • Mapped all current prospects in the Texas Panhandle for Prairie InfraStructure Solutions, LLC in Pampa, Texas as well as prospective average by obtaining logs, picking tops and contouring these picks using PETRA software. Used production data from IHS and DrillingInfo.
  • Map Eagle Ford Shale in south Texas Frio County for Phere Energy, Inc. in Dallas, cross section, report writing, select drilling location and PowerPoint generation.
  • Generated detailed PowerPoint for Halliburton Operating Co. in Dallas, including maps, regarding proposed waterflooding to enhance Tannehill Sand production in Dickens County, Texas.
  • Generated detailed annotated production cum maps.
  • Generated all cross sections and completed all correlations.
  • Generate PowerPoint Presentations.




5/13/10 to 2/18/13

Title: Staff Geologist

  • Map all current prospects in the Texas Panhandle as well as prospective average by obtaining logs, picking tops and contouring these picks using PETRA software.
  • Mapped out Hogshooter Limestone in Wheeler and Hemphill Counties in the Texas Panhandle for New Ventures.
  • Generate geology reports and evaluations on prospects.
  • Locate horizon tops and highlight potential pay zones on logs.
  • Resolved many geology related issues.
  • Understanding of well log interpretation as personally taught by a local log analysis with 30 years of experience.
  • Generate PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Generate all geology maps for company prospect books.
  • Used IHS for downloading allocated production data and logs as well as DrillingInfo.
  • Contoured all structure, isopach and production data by use of PETRA software.
  • Generated detailed annotated production cum maps.
  • Generated all cross sections and completed all correlations.
  • Generated PUD maps.
  • Evaluated PUD locations by overlapping major contours of structure, IP and allocated IHS production cum to highlight intersection area for new well locations.
  • Wrote DrillingInfo and Texas RR Com procedures to expedite workload for co-workers.



2/10 to 5/10

Worked as an independent contractor

Title: Contract Geologist Responsible for generation of shallow oil producing prospect in Brown County, Texas, centering on the Cross Cut Sands. Hand contoured shallow structure map and isopach thickness map, log evaluations for this area as well as IP well production evaluations. Picked eventual drilling location. Instrumental in the overall prospect book.

  • Used Canvas software for mapping.



8/08 to 11/08          

Title: Staff Geologist (Hired for specific project)

  • Responsible for picking tops for the Barnett Shale trend in Montague and Wise counties, Tx. Hand contouring of structure maps in area and picked estimated tops before drilling.
  • Learned and used KINGDOM/SMT for contouring structure and isopach maps. Used NeuraScanner to scan logs for cross section generation.



6/07 to 11/07                                        

Title: Contract Geological Technician (Hired to aid in selling company assets with cross sections)

  • Responsible for picking tops for Viola, Cromwell, and Hunton formations for trends in central Oklahoma and Austin Chalk, Woodford formations for trends in Cherokee County, Tx.
  • Researched well drilling records to accurately update and design well bore schematics for the cross sections generated.
  • Used NeuraSection along with NeuraScanner to generated cross sections. Used NeuraLog to create synthetics using sonic curves.





3/04 to 4/07  

Title: Staff Senior Geologic Technician  

  • Generated structural and stratigraphic well log cross sections and associated correlations, identifying greater than 50% SP zones, identifying GR, SP, Resistivity markers for trends in Madison, Houston, Van Zandt, Foard counties, Texas and Harrison counties, MS.
  • Generated a potential prospect in Houston County, Texas with an Ottis Sand trend. Mapped area and hand contoured an isopach of the Ottis Sand in the area.
  • Hand contoured a series of gas producing pressure maps for the engineering department. These were of a large enclosed anticline structure located in Foard Co., Texas known for shallow depth gas well production.
  • Used NeuraScanner to use with Canvas software to generate cross sections.


Major Oil & Gas Exploration Company Experience Includes:

Arco International Oil & Gas Company, Plano Texas

Exploration Geologic Technician


Sun Exploration & Production Company

Technician in Seismic Data processing Group


Hobbies and Interests include:

Aviation; hold a SEL Private Pilot License and currently fly out of McKinney, Texas Airport. Violin making and occasional playing. Have completed making 5 violins and 3 violas. Hold a Texas CHL.




Additional Letters of Recommendations Upon Request



July 01, 2011

To whom it may concern:

Danny Senkow worked with me at TransCoastal Corp. in Dallas, Texas for a period of several months as an exploration geologist mainly focused in the Texas Panhandle region. His duties consisted of gathering of data and mapping this in the form of contoured IP maps and stratigraphic cross sections. His dedication to getting accurate and professional maps of prospects was much appreciated and was very instrumental in our prospect evaluations. Together we worked as a team.

I would like to recommend him as a geologist for any future employment opportunities he may choose to pursue. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Mark Cook

Chief Geologist (Cell:817-597-9600) Currently employed at Oxy Energy in Houston, Texas








17304 Preston Road, Suite 700

Dallas, Texas 75252

Office: 214-373-8840

Fax: 214-987-1630


February 13, 2014


Mr. Danny Senkow

719 Fleming Street

Wylie, Texas 75098


Re: Letter of reference


Dear Danny:

Please let this letter serve as a reference from our organization for your use in connection with your efforts to secure employment. You may include this letter with your resume if you so desire when submitting the same to a prospective employer.


Please advise a prospective employer that on numerous occasions we solicited your involvement with our oil prospects. Your work consisted of updating out existing land maps, creating new land maps of prospect areas and documenting the maps with pertinent information to assist with the showing of such maps to clients of the firm. On occasion you were asked to assist with the interpretation of logs and the “picking of tops” for inclusion of such logs on cross sections. You created such cross sections for our use in connection with the assembling of prospect packages. Your assistance in these efforts was instrumental in getting the large amount of data with which you were presented organized and in a coherent presentation.


We found your work to be excellent and of the highest quality. We were always very pleased with the outcome of your efforts. Your projects were completed on time and without supervision. We found your work product to be thorough and complete and without need for correction. We found you ready to assist and anxious to get the job done.


Please feel free to have a prospective employer contact us for further reference.



Truly yours,


Cole Halliburton

Cell: 214-662-1405






15+ years


Mapping, Petra


UT Dallas